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The Bitch Is Back (2008)

by Deja King(Favorite Author)
4.64 of 5 Votes: 5
0979951763 (ISBN13: 9780979951763)
Triple Crown Publications
review 1: Smh.... WHERE to begin. Quick read for me, because I was just in too deep ! Lol, I have NO idea where this story is leading to, thanks to the end, but I did felt like there were a lot of "I knew it!" and "Oh sh*t!" moments for me. I admit, sometimes black lit, or "ghetto fab, hood reads" sadly some people refer books like this too, I am a sucka for. I can't wait to read book 4, because it just seems like no one wants Precious happy. I'm a little shocked about the ending tho and with Maya. P.S. (maybe a little spoiler??) But I was not happy at all with the Nico and Precious scene. It's been a while and that's how they reunite? I understand the circumstances but, I just felt like it should have been more intense than that, I mean they had the same cheesy stroll down me... moremory lane with Rodeo Drive, I would have expected more. W.e. it ain't about them, but..... who knows with this story!
review 2: I don't like how this series is turning out one bit! The character development is crazy, and everyone is so different then who we have grown to know and love. Precious in a lot of ways is no longer the rough tough take no b.s extremely street smart diva, Supreme is no longer the sweet deeply in love affectionate gentleman, and Maya is no longer the young seemingly innocent devoted anointed sister. The characters no longer compliment each other and don't even interact very well most of the book. They all appear brand new and it was hard to like them after believing we knew them from the first two novels. Maybe the move from to hood of New York to ritzy Beverly Hills is the cause of their personality alterations. After escaping death once again Precious, her family, Maya, and her boyfriend Clip move to California to start a new life. Soon their daughter Aaliyah is kidnapped and Precious will do anything to get her back and to prove that it was Maya's brother, Pretty Boy Mike who took her. We follow Precious on her tremulously treacherous journey to prove Mike escaped prison and we also get to see her face to face with the one and only Nico Carter again. All in all, I don't understand why her daughter is kidnapped in the first place. This story is centered on the kidnapping drama and if there was a point, the author surely didn't make it clear. No ransom was demanded, and no threats or negotiations were ever made whatsoever. The beginning is most interesting in my opinion and then the novel kinda of fell off the radar. It definitely wasn't boring but it can't be compared to the first and second parts. less
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Mrs precious is still a bad bitch damn got to go get the next book.
a great read
I like it
3½ ★
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