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Trife Life To Lavish (2009)

by Deja King(Favorite Author)
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A King Production
Genesis' & Genevieve
review 1: Bang bang bang three shots fired from the young boy Genesis shooting and killing his father because he was tired of seeing his pregrant mother get beat on everyday basis for nothing but the police didnt want to hear that the young boy went to juevenile for a long period of time. After the death of her husband Teresa left her house pregrant wiht no where to turn living with her mother something nobodys want but 7 years later a man married Teresa and took care of her six year old daughter like he was own living the good life untill Kevon began to cheaton Teresa then brought the women in the home with their daughter have sex in their bed how disrespectful. One day Teresa came home to Kevon on top of another women and once Kevon realize she was their he didnt stop he just keep... more going while his wife stood their, after he finished he began to beat her burning her with a lit cigratte and Teresa was feed up she had told her self before that she wouldnt let another man beat her, so once her turn his back she pick up a lamp and bashed his head in not knowning her daughter was eye witness. So once again she packed up and left with her daughter going to Atlanta where they change they names and started over not easy for the six year older to get use she would have nightmare and blame her mother for killing the man she thought was her father.The setting took place in an Atlanta where all the drama unleached you got Nichelle falling in love with a man that later on gets set up and killed with her other friend by a man that want Nichelle all to his self. Years later she found out that the new man she was in love with named Renny she could bare to stay with someone that killed not one but three people she was close to and to top it off she lost her mother; shot in the head by Arnez but before her mother dies her last words to Nichelle was that Nichelle had a big brother name Genesis and was to find him because he was the only person that could keep her safe.Reading this book after reading the the second part first it fill in a lot of blanks and questions I had while reading the first part it is a really good book and I would recommend this book to young readers like myself.
review 2: Am I The Only One That's Happy That Lerrick Got A Bullet To The Head ?! .... HaHa Bitch ! ♥ Anyways I Totally Loved This Book & CarmeloEven Though He Died Early ! ♥ Nichelle Was Such A Good Soul & She Truly Did Need Carmelo To Protect Her ! ♥ Tierra Should Have Caught A Bullet Too ! ♥ Renny ! ..... That Nigga Make Me Soo Mad ! ♥ Anyways I'mWaiting To Get My Hands On PT 2 & Stackin Paper ! ♥ less
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That was good. Glad I have part 2, to continue reading
This book somehow goes with the bitch series
Good read
loved it
love it
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