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Fury Of The Demon (2014)

by Diana Rowland(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
075640830X (ISBN13: 9780756408305)
Kara Gillian
review 1: Overall: interesting and adventurous book on rescuing Idris. It should have been exciting and invigorating to be with Kara's posse as she plotted to get Idris back. But it wasn't. The book was just too long to pack a punch and had too many ups and downs to establish a central conflict that could be sustained. So then there's a point near the end of this book where one of the lords simply touches Kara's head to pass on information on how to stabilize/close a portal as if she had always known the how to do it. And my BS meter went: so basically, the whole last book where Kara has been learning how to draw sigils could have been completely skipped IF Kara could have just "learned" everything like that from Mzatal. And her whole reason to return to finish her training is moot ... moreif Mzatal could just impart the knowledge to her. And then I started to question everything about this world. And now I'm really not sure what this series is doing. What's the deal with ptarls? And what are the demon lords doing with Earth, and who is Kara? So many big questions that just don't get answered. The author definitely needs to invest more time in developing romantic tension (or any tension) with the Main Characters. I know she can do it bc she does SOME of it in her Zombie series. It's not strong, but better than in this.
review 2: I was so looking forward to this book, but I was mildly disappointed. Kara was back on Earth (boring), not doing any training (lame), interacting with Ryan (awkward) & hanging with a power-weak Mzatal (boo). I loved the demon realm, so Earth was mega boring by comparison, & I've never really cared for Ryan. After the intensity of the last book, this one just felt like a dull waste of time. I couldn't really get into it & it ended right when things were starting to get exciting again. Two words - boring & frustrating. less
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Not so sure about this book. To me, it sorta lost its plot and direction. I would rate it 3 stars.
Just couldn't pick this series back up. I guess it ran its course with me.
I highly recommend this book. I stayed up until 11pm to finish it.
Well done for a book so far along in a series.
3.5 stars
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