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Temporarily Yours (2014)

by Diane Alberts(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 6
1622664752 (ISBN13: 9781622664757)
Entangled Publishing (Brazen)
Shillings Agency
review 1: This was a fun, quick, sweet romance when you're just looking for something steamy and fun. There's more sex than substance, which got slightly irritating,and I found myself skimming the abundant sex scenes. I would've liked to have seen more interaction outside the bedroom, but then again, they only had a few days time together. I did like both characters, but would've loved much more development in the relationship.
review 2: So I really enjoyed this story. Loved the characters. Love how everything progressed and ultimately played out. But there was just one thing that nagged at me and that was Kayla spouting off percentages. Yes I know she's an actuary and if I wasn't one too I probably would just think it was a cute quirk. All the actuaries I know though ne
... morever just spout off percentages but maybe cause I work in pension and that's more of an insurance thing. To me though it just seemed she was more of a statistician than an actuary. I know such a weird thing for me to fixate on but I was super excited to read this book because I've never read a book that featured my profession before. I think if her percentage thing wasn't such a big thing in the book I wouldn't have focused so much on her being an actuary and it wouldn't have bothered me. But yeah what can you do...sigh. Now with all that nonsense said...the story is great. It was a nice fast read with some hot scenes and definitely some nice tender moments as well. Good book. less
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great idea for the book - to hook up with someone on a plane !!
Dont we all just wish this would happen to us when we fly!
3.5 stars
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