The demons

Progressing further on my wall illustration involved me creating more demon like creatures, beginning with the alien/lion beast. Before drawing him, I splatter more ink onto the wall and developed on from these drips.

Looking to my photo montage as a reference, I based the face of the beast from Clown from the movie, It. The dripping ink provided a frame for me. Its almost as though half his body is invisible because he is he peering from behind a corner or door. Concentrating on only half of the beast, took the pressure off and creating something that isn’t real, is very daunting. Using black and pink ink, I then developed the facial features adding fangs to the mouth and a thick eyebrow which could be a horn. Passers by walked past and commented how creeped out they were by it, but that wasn’t enough. The aim is to terrify people and have them thinking ‘What the hell is going on in your mind?’ So I developed him further by working on the body.

To guide me with the body, I researched lions prowling to gather the placement of were the legs would go. Instead of having him with paws, they were worked over in a darker red ink to illustrate sharp claws. originally only using red to hide a previous error, I concluded that the red and black made him appear much more menacing. Red people immediately associate with anger or blood so i went over the entire creature replacing all the pink elements with a dark red. Stepping back and glancing at it, also gave me the chills. Again people would glance past and see it and this time round their reactions was a lot more animated giving me feedback that the changes I made, were successful to my intended outcome.

Moving on from the lion creature, I concentrated on the demon that begins to dig beneath me to reach me. Following on from the first creature, I followed on using the same features such as the eyes and ears and now had a chance to create the entire head. As previously majority of this is hidden. Following on with the same technique, I splattered ink onto the wall and use these markings as a basis to draw my demon. A few markings looked like butterflies so to incorporate the dream with the nightmare, butterflies were included but sprayed with a green substance from the demon. The aim is to make it as if the demon is infecting the butterfly with his darkness therefore taking away everything that makes a butterfly beautiful such as their colours and vulnerability.

The finishing touch was adding a frame to the wall. This represents the box I was trapped inside. So everything I am drawing around will have the goal of penetrating the box. Moving forward with this design will include

  • Developing an arm to show the creature is digging to get through to me.
  • Creating something symbolic to represent me within the box
  • Creating the creatures that are in mobs that are shooting bows and arrows etc
  • Incorporating the butterfly dream and finding a successfully way to blend them together
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