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The Execution (2014)

by Dick Wolf(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
0062064851 (ISBN13: 9780062064851)
William Morrow
Jeremy Fisk
review 1: I probably shouldn't have liked this book as well as I did since it has some rather gruesome killings. The first book by Mr. Wolf concerned Islamic terrorists. This one concerned another thoroughly evil bunch, the drug cartels. The grisly killings are really what one should expect from this bunch, I guess. There is a lot to like about this series. The characters are very well developed and interesting. It isn't an action story with cardboard generic characters. The plot twists make me think of another master of the unexpected twist, Michael Connelly. One other thing I really liked about this book and its predecessor: the lack of profanity.
review 2: This author is also the creator of the Law and Order TV franchise, which I still watch. Had never read hi
... mores books. This one is an interesting read. NYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk has just returned to duty after a traumatic incident. He is charged with coordinating UN Week in NYC, but discovers a credible threat to one of the dignitaries. He ignores orders to pursue this threat with the head of the foreign government's protective service. Lots of interesting action and a twist at the very end that is perfect. less
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The Jeremy Fisk story continues with the plot twists and turns of the first book, The Intercept.
I liked the book but started to really enjoy it after Garza and Fish met.
Reading this book is what I did today. It was a great day.
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