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Your Happily Ever After (2011)

by Dieter F. Uchtdorf(Favorite Author)
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1606416529 (ISBN13: 9781606416525)
Deseret Book
review 1: I didn't know this book is a religion themed book when I downloaded it. I was searching for some entertaining stories about fairy tales; the title seemed adequate so I immediately grabbed it. The book is surprisingly good and moving, unlike some essays or brochures those Christian extremists in the street kept forcing me to accept. I actually felt better and more optimistic after reading this book.
review 2: This is a very short reminder to people who are feeling a bit low on self-esteem, or a quick assurance that God loves everyone. It reiterates the consequences of actions and decisions, because HOW a person reacts to adversity and temptation "is a critical factor" in achieving a happy life. This book inspires women to be strong and urges them to follow th
... moree guide to their own "happily ever after" destination, and that guide to a happy and righteous life is no other than The Gospel. 15-20 minutes of spare time is enough to get the uplifting sensation benefitted from reading this book. less
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Wonderful wonderful book! Only three chapters long! Fast easy read and beautifully written
a very quick read. Took only 15 minutes. but very encouraging. a quick little pick me up.
If you are ever feeling down, read this book. It really lifts your spirit
This book has a beautiful message, and the pictures are lovely!
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