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Wie Viel Leben Passt In Eine Tüte? (2012)

by Donna Freitas(Favorite Author)
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3522303121 (ISBN13: 9783522303125)
Gabriel (Thienemann)
review 1: I would have liked this book if every character wasn't always, 100% of the time focused on helping Rose. Her friends were basically stock MTV reality show friends: only there to further the story of the main character. All of their conversations revolved around supporting Rose, making Rose do something that would put her out of her comfort zone but ultimately help her, etc, but none of them had personalities of their own. I actually liked the relationship between her and Will, but found a lot of their conversations to be really unrealistic and their will-they won't-they act to go on a little long. In at least three scenes Rose "accidentally" gives Will a compliment and then he repeats it back to her as a question, this drove me crazy. But it was nice ... moreread.
review 2: I have read my share of cancer books. This is an especially popular theme in YA books- and it should be. I was very pleased that this book handled the situation with realistic moments and family members. Rose’s mother died after her second round with cancer. She was the glue of the family and a beloved preschool teacher in the small town they live in. After her funeral, Rose finds a survival kit hanging from her favorite dress of her mothers. Survival kits were kind of her thing; she made them for the parents of her students leaving their children for the first time. Rose was not expecting one and does not open hers for almost three months. As the numbness of the loss of her mother continues, Rose is also numb to the world. This does not bode well for her relationship with her boyfriend of two years. She can’t listen to music, freezes up when he tries to hug or kiss her, won’t go to parties and hasn’t set foot onto a football field. Her older brother is away at college and her father has started drinking to cope. Rose finds herself becoming the parent and it is a struggle for her. Thankfully, her feisty grandmother comes in later in the story (yay!) to help out. Seeking something, she finally opens her mother’s survival kit. After examining the contents, she decides that the first thing she will do is plant some peonies. This is special due to her mother’s talent with gardening. She has an especially beautiful garden that is being maintained by Will Doninger, a senior in her high school whose dad died of cancer. She needs his help and to her surprise, he says yes. Anyone who has read a book can see this love connection coming a mile away; however, it isn’t as traditional as boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Fraught with emotions from both, their relationship is not perfect. Highly enjoyed this quick read. less
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Good read for anyone who has lost a loved one and needed hope.Cool playlist, too!
This book gave me so many feels. Loved it.
WOW!! Beautiful. I loved this.
I loved it.
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