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Fire Rising (2014)

by Donna Grant(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
1250041376 (ISBN13: 9781250041371)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Dark Kings
review 1: Samantha "Sammie" Miller has her dream: a Pub, money in the bank and no one offering false hope for her future. All that goes up in smoke when someone takes a shot at her and destroys her beloved pub. So Sammie is on the run from the people who want her for information she doesn't possess. When she becomes so ill from exhaustion Sammie decides to stop by her half-sisters husbands home of Dreagan, a high end brewery for whiskey and the secret lair of the Dragon Kings. When Sammie first sets eyes on the newest Dragon King, Tristan, she is drawn to him and he to her. Sammie then feels she may have drawn the evil after her to her half sister and her family, so she runs again. This time she has a dragon following her to keep her safe, Tristan. Yet all is not as it would ... moreseem, there are more that just mobsters after Sammie and it's a race to see who gets to her first. Donna grants stories of the Dragon Kings are intertwined with Dark Warrior series, never more so that this book!
review 2: I've put this book down twice now because the cliches are incredibly hard to deal with. Seriously, every one of the mates did the same exact thing. Now Sammi has run away too and Tristan is out to find her. Tristan let her go! Please! The one defining moment in her life is that her mother died. Why do authors do that? Make it so that the characters are so lost in grief from 10-20 years ago, that there reasoning for everything they do is because of that loss. So now she finds out what Tristan did to protect her but really... nevermind that you've been on the run and been shot, the whole threat has suddenly disappeared because your feelings were hurt. Dumbass! less
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Love the connection with the Dark Warriors concernng Tristan. Great story.
Loved this book on to dragon warriors now.....
Intense and marvelous...
Love her books
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