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Poetrees (2010)

by Douglas Florian(Favorite Author)
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1416986723 (ISBN13: 9781416986720)
Beach Lane Books
review 1: Each poem features a different type of tree and also a different style of poetry. Some rhyme, some are free-verse, and some have words spread out for effect across more space. What's unique about this book is that it is published with the spine of the book stretching horizontally and the illustrations spread across both pages, with the top of the illustration on the cover of the book. The illustrations are beautifully done in gouache watercolor paints, colored pencils, rubber stamps, oil pastels, and collage on primed brown paper bags. They look like pieces of art that students could mimic!
review 2: Beautiful picture book! Each illustration takes up two pages in this fun, fun, book about trees. The author writes a poem about each of the eighteen trees depicted
... more in this splendid picture book. It is an easy read aloud with rhyming verse. Kindergarten through third grade would enjoy reading these timeless tales of trees. I think children and adults often take something as simple as a tree, for granted. After reading this book you may pause and ponder the trees in your neighborhood! less
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A fun collection of tree-related poems. If you love trees, check out poetrees.
Another gem by Florian! I love the format of this book--tall.
A beautifully illustrated poetry book about trees. Love it!
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