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Good Sister (2010)

by Drusilla Campbell(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
130675691X (ISBN13: 9781306756914)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: This book is a wonderful story of how helping is sometimes not the best course of action. Simone has lead a life where everyone around her has constantly helped her. She feels helpless and useless. Having 4 children in just a few years and having postpartum depression has not helped. Now that she has committed the most unforgivable act can her sister who has always been there and cared for her begin to understand that she has inabled her sister to behave the way she has.
review 2: Several times while reading this book I had to set it down and just stare off into space and think. That to me is the mark of good writing. I was in Roxanne's head, I was in her sister's head but I was also in their hearts, and that is difficult to do. I don't have much experience wi
... moreth postpartum depression, other than pure aghast horror at news stories of mothers killing or trying to kill children, but I do have experience with dysfunctional families and this book was spot on in its descriptions of how our family ties can bind us. This book really made me feel the desperation that can come with motherhood, especially when motherhood is tainted with mental illness and/or emotional and physical abuse. I cried several times in this book and spent a lot of time in awe of the author's ability to tease such an amazing and loving story out of such a heavy and misunderstood topic. less
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I enjoyed this story of two sisters and their lives
Good book. Interesting read about mental illness.
Good sister book. Complex relationships.
Interesting book.
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