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Inspector Specter (2014)

by E.J. Copperman(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 4
A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery
review 1: Alison Kerby runs a haunted guesthouse in the seaside town of Harbor Haven, on the Jersey shore. Alison has had many run-ins with the town's police force, usually Detective Lieutenant Anita McElone. Lieutenant McElone is not one of Alison's many fans, and definitely does NOT believe in ghosts despite the fact that she has seen many things happen at Alison's guesthouse that she cannot explain. So when she stops by to ask Alison to help her find out who killed her former police partner, Martin Ferry, Alison is understandably astonished. Soon though, she is uncomfortably out of her depth dealing with mobsters and a closed-rank police force in Ferry's town of Seaside Heights.I've enjoyed all of the books in this series, they are great fun and well-plotted, with charming charac... moreters--both dead and alive. Mr. Copperman is great at writing kids, as Alison's 11-year-old daughter is always a lively character in each book and very believable. In this book, Mr. Copperman has added 11-month-old Oliver, and he brings an additional amount of lightheartedness to the story, as the characters struggle to keep this determined lad from starting to walk. (His Mom and Dad are on a well-deserved vacation, but missing this milestone would surely break his mother's heart.) I did have a quibble with a few plot points, but stating them would be big spoilers, so never mind--if anyone wants to contact me privately, that's fine.
review 2: This is a great mystery. I have always enjoyed the books in the Haunted Guesthouse series but this was the best yet. I like how the author continues to develop each of the characters (including the ghosts) and their relationships with each other and the outside world. The author also does a good job of addressing the problem of how various people do, or don’t, cope with the reality of the ghosts presented in this series, even when that reality may be a gun pointed to their head by an unseen hand. My only complaint is how one villain was “questioned” by the ghosts. I thought this went a bit over the top and unnecessarily so. Just because Paul has learned a new trick doesn’t mean it needed to be employed as it was. Sometimes the means do not justify the results or the plot development. Other than that one scene, kudos to the author for another excellent portrayal of a haunted ghosthouse on the Jersey Shore. less
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3.75 stars... I get confused by the ghosts' characters at times. A light-hearted read.
Not my favorite of these.
- ☆★☆ 3½ Stars -
That was a fun read.
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