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December (2008)

by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop(Favorite Author)
3.09 of 5 Votes: 1
0307268306 (ISBN13: 9780307268303)
review 1: Isabelle Carter is 11 years old and she hasn't spoken for 9 months. Her parents, Wilson and Ruth, have taken her to 4 different psychiatrists. Her private school has accommodated her by allowing to do the work at home, but this arrangement must end. December is the story of this family as they navigate these troubled waters. The writing is superb and lyrical. The themes are intriguing. This book was a very good read.
review 2: I am being very kind by giving this book three stars. I am not sure whether this a very well written book with a slow plot or a badly written book that just drags. Whatever it was, I read it with a sense of duty for my offline book club. For those who wonder what it was about, it was the tale of a girl who will not speak with a backgroun
... mored of marital tension between her parents. It felt to me like a padded out short story. less
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so much detail, so real, you move right in with this family and want everything to be alright.
Strange. 11-year old girl stops speaking for a year or so. The parents cope. No resolution.
A simple yet powerful narrative that touches the raw chords inside one's heart and mind.
Fairly boring & dull read.
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