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Never Laugh As A Hearse Goes By (2013)

by Elizabeth J. Duncan(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
1250008255 (ISBN13: 9781250008251)
Minotaur Books
Penny Brannigan
review 1: I'm ticked that Penny has dumped Gareth. Forget the stupid suspense of will she or won't she - she's supposed to be in her 50s for chrissake, she's smart enough to balance independence and companionship. And how about more about her painting which in the first books was a source of income. Why is she just doing the spa thing now - so shallow. And Victoria dropped her harp playing - why? Those were interesting vocations rather than the silly nail stuff. Not all women are like the "real housewives" you know.
review 2: I love Elizabeth Duncan's Penny Brannigan Welsh mysteries. While there's nothing that unusual or different about them, they are well written, well-developed characters set in a small Welsh town. Penny co-owns a spa and dates a policeman. The
... more town has the usual cast of busybodies, a nice clergyman and his wife, and their beloved dog Robbie. These books are all very fast reads, and I love relaxing with Duncan's books. I only wish she wrote two a year, at least, instead of just one. less
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Easy read. Perfect for the beginning of a holiday to get into the reading mode.
Feh. Thus one just seemed to trod along; despite pivotal events occurring.
I love this series, great characters and a great plot
i adore this
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