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Strange Fate Of Kitty Easton (2012)

by Elizabeth Speller(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
184408633X (ISBN13: 9781844086337)
Virago Press (UK)
Laurence Bartram
review 1: In terms of an Agatha Christie style detective puzzle this would appear a bit thin but as that is surely not what the author intended it doesn't matter. The interesting part is the effect of the First World War on communities, families, the men who fought and those who didn't. There were lots of interesting details and I had never heard of the Empire Exhibition before. I'm desperate for Elizabeth Speller to write another adventure for Laurence Bartram.
review 2: This novel is the second featuring Laurence Bartram, war veteran and expert on English Church architecture. It is in part a country house mystery, but with an added depth provided by the first world war themes. As in The Return of Captain John Emmett, Elizabeth Speller is interested in the fallout of wa
... morer and its effect on the survivors. The plot is as complex as the mazes that are a fascinating preoccupation of the novel. Like all good mazes, and indeed country house mysteries, the plot reaches a satisfying conclusion. This is an enjoyable read with some attractive and complex characters for whom life provides no easy answers. There are also at least two fine set-pieces: the discovery of the underground cave system beneath the church and the disastrous visit to the vast Empire exhibition in London. less
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Struggled to page 100 and then decided to stop and try a different book.
Even better than the Strange Fate ...
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