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Curarsi Con I Libri: Rimedi Letterari Per Ogni Malanno (2013)

by Ella Berthoud(Favorite Author)
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8838931135 (ISBN13: 9788838931130)
review 1: I started reading it like a novel, but ended up skimming, checking for interesting ailments and what the authors prescribed. It is probably best owned so that it can be consulted when in need of particular help, even if just in choosing what to read next. It's a good list of books to read, though sometimes they described the entire plot (Wuthering Heights) rather than just enough to entice you to read it. Not that I recommend Wuthering Heights, read Jane Eyre instead. I got some good reading ideas and was occasionally amused, but I think the books that make you feel better are not necessarily ones that others might suggest.
review 2: I never get the folks who say: "I have no idea what to read" or "I just wander around the library until something jumps out at m
... moree". My list of books to read is on goodreads, SPL, and a word document on my computer. It isn't a comprehensive list, they all vary. The trouble is- when I head out for a new book. I don't consult the list first. I'm looking to fit a mood. Marriage problems and fear of losing kids in to the divorce process? Lies you wanted to hear. Just lost a close friend or partner? Joan Didion. I used to go to a certain bookstore where a friend worked and asked him to give me something that spoke to me at the time. So I could identify with what I was going through via the characters. I can also do this at The Seattle Public Library) you can actually walk out if that amazing library with a stack of books that tackle your situation from various different angles. Love SPL librarians. So, when I heard an interview with these authors my first thought was finally!! The most amazing part of reading is the chance to wrap yourself with the comfort of understanding, and we all need it, even when life is going well. less
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Delightful compilation of literary cures for whatever ails you, mental or physical.
Entertaining way to learn about more books I should read.
Great book to identify your next great read!
Great book recomendations!
I could not get into it
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