Winter Reading

Jan Brett is a magnificent author and illustrator. The Mitten and The Wild Christmas Reindeer are both favorites from my childhood that I am now reading to my own son.

The Mitten is a timeless tale about a lost white mitten and all the forrest animals climbing inside to stay warm. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful but also capture the humor of a bear fitting inside a winter mitten. Each time I look at the illustrations I notice something that I didn’t notice before, the attention to detail is exquisite.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer is a well written story with an even better message about being kind to others. The illustrations in this book are again beautifully done with each hair on the reindeer drawn perfectly. The pictures alone could entertain for quite some time.

So if you’re looking for well written and illustrated books for your children to read this winter I strongly recommend The Mitten and The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett! 

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