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De Boekenapotheek (2013)

by Ella Berthoud(Favorite Author)
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9057596024 (ISBN13: 9789057596025)
review 1: Un'enciclopedia medico-letteraria! Quale male t'affligge oggi? Consolati, prendi un libro e leggilo! O anche, prendi un libro e regalalo, o buttalo!Ad esempio... non ti piace il tuo naso? Lo vedi troppo grosso? Bhè, prova a leggere "Uno, nessuno e centomila" di Pirandello, o "Il Naso" di Gogol', poi ne riparleremo...Divertente, mette voglia di leggere a più non posso, fa scoprire titoli nuovi e autori mai sentiti.
review 2: A different sort of reference book, "The Novel Cure", Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin. Set up like an encyclopedia, the authors present, from A (Abandonment, "Plainsong by Kent Harup) to H (Hatred; The River Between, Ngogi Wa Thiong'o, 1984; see also "Anger; Bitterness; Judgmental, being; Murderous thoughts; rage) to Z (Zestlessness, "
... moreRagtime", see also disenchantment) novels that touch up the proverbial human condition in many, many of its variations. Brief discussions of each book and why it is being recommended for that particular "ailment." Some (but by no means the majority) of the discussions get a little "touchy-feely" - the authors purport to be "bibliotherapists - prescribing books for the disaffected. But for all that, the compendium provides a very interesting way to find novels that one could easily have overlooked AND might fit a particular reading mood.sometimes the recommended books feature stories about people in a similar state of mind; othertimes the opposite.I got my copy from the library, hardback, but as half the fun is going to the "see also" i think i'll buy this as an e-book. less
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I love this book. It is so smart and funny. I wish I had written it.
This is one to keep on hand all of the time to refer back to.
Fun and interesting -- would make a great gift!
Il libro che tutti dovrebbero voler scrivere.
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