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One Night Of Trouble (Entangled Brazen) (2000)

by Elle Kennedy(Favorite Author)
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After Hours
review 1: I have been following the After Hours series, by Elle Kennedy, since the very beginning. I loved the previous books in this series and could not wait to get my hands on AJ's book. AJ was a bit of an enigma for me. The more I read about him in the previous books, the more I wanted to know what big secret he was hiding. I got to find out in One Night of Trouble, and it broke my heart! When Brett Conlon enters his life, AJ has no doubt that the little tattooed pixie will be the perfect person who can make him say SAYONARA to his Mr. Nice Guy reputation. Will she also be the one to make him want more? I really enjoyed this story. I usually read books about a good girl falling for the bad boy. This was a bit different. Brett is the wild one in this sexy couple and AJ is the go... moreod guy who wants nothing more than to take a walk on the wild side. AJ has lost himself. He always has done stuff for the approval of others and it's time for a change. Brett is exactly the person who can help him with that. What he does not expect is that Brett will open his eyes and show him who the real AJ Walsh is. Brett and AJ were a great couple to follow and I really loved their chemistry. They shared a lot of sexy times, but emotional and eye-opening moments as well. Their relationship was realistic and I think that is what made me connect with them from the very beginning. They both had insecurities and I loved how they talked to each other about what they wanted from life. It was nice to see them grow as a couple, but as individual as well. Brett wants to prove to her family that she can put her wild side in the past so that she can get involved in their family business, and AJ is proud to be working at Club Sin with Gage and Reed, but what bothers him is that his parents don't agree with some decisions he's made. Overall, the After Hours series by Elle Kennedy, has been a scorching reading escape! It was nice to reconnect with the couples from the previous books. I absolutely loved Skyler, Gage, Darcy and Reed. This was a great series, and I can't wait to see what Elle Kennedy will write next!I give, One Night of Trouble, by Elle Kennedy 4 fun, sexy, alpha-hotness filled stars!
review 2:    One Night of Trouble, Elle KennedyReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: Contemporary Romance Last book in the trio about the three friends that co own nightclub Sin. We’ve seen Gage and Reed find their partners, Reed with AJ’s ex Darcy, and only AJ is still single. He's the archetypical Good Guy, always worked hard at school, always pleased his parents, a real gentleman, and yet when he sees Brett something in her appeals to a different side of him. It seems inside this Good Guy there’s a bad one just waiting to come out. Not bad as in hurting people, causing trouble etc. Just someone wanting a bit more adventure, a little less conventional that he has been. Brett has had a bad time with boyfriends, and her recklessness has made her family see her as irresponsible. She’s not  - she’s made the same mistakes as her brothers, but while theirs gets glossed over her dad seems to expect more from her. She’s the youngest, and the only girl and has always been treated differently to the boys. She wants to be manager of the family’s latest Tattoo Parlour and needs to show him she’s changed, is responsible, can be trusted and when she meets AJ – well he’s the ideal boyfriend on paper to do all of that. She knows though that he won’t stay with her long term, she’s not the sort he’ll settle down with, and anyway she wants to concentrate on the shop. AJ can’t take his eyes off her, and he wants what she has to offer. If its just a short fling well he’ll take that and run with it. I love both of them and it was interesting seeing what’s in their pasts that’s made them act as they have, and of course how AJ’s family ( and Darcy) acted exactly as she thought they would, confronted with the tattooed, streaked hair, wild girl that she is. She tried to fit the mould, tried to fit in but got judged anyway – its a lesson for all of us here about not judging people based on appearances, as Brett is far from the image she presents. She’s not set out to shock, to scare but just to show how individual she is. There’s lessons learned all round, but first there’s the problem of her feeling they’ll never accept her, and AJ wanting desperately to convince her they can and will make a fantastic  couple, and have a solid future. Its another fun read, another hot, sexy story and again knowing the background and characters lets us jump right into the story. I loved Brett, and understood who she was, and why she needed her individuality.  I so, so felt for her when even though she tried her best she was judged as just not good enough for golden boy AJ. That was just so sad, so upsetting and I hurt for her. No-one worried about what AJ actually wanted though, how he felt, but just assumed they knew best and that he needed their protection. They did it from good intentions but caused heartbreak doing so. Stars: Five, a fun read, though probably not one I’d reread ARC supplied by publishers less
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loved this series. hot hot heroes with strong women claiming them.
Good book. Very hot. Needed to be longer by about 100 pages.
Enjoyable ok read. Not the best in the series.
Full review to come in January 2015 :)
4.5 Stars
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