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Heat Of The Night (2010)

by Elle Kennedy(Favorite Author)
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1609282175 (ISBN13: 9781609282172)
Samhain Publishing
Out of Uniform
review 1: Another hot read by Kennedy. I am being all crazy and reading these all willy nilly out of order. Annabelle meets Ryan quite auspiciously when Ryan attempts a booty call not knowing his entended is gone and a friend is in her place. Talk about an awkward meeting, Annabelle is torn between the surprise of finding someone in bed with her who scared the crap out of her to be attracted to Ryan, she gets him out of the apartment but can't stop thinking about him. Things escalate quickly when she learned that her recently ex fiance is already dating. Well she immediately seeks Ryan out and she had a list of things she wanted to do but never had and Ryan found it and decided he was going to make every item on her list come true. You know if you have read any of this series that ... morethese guys are pretty liberal with their bodies and their partners, and anything goes. I liked Annabelle, another strong minded female that didn't mess around with what she wanted. Ryan was so sweet on her and the ending was cute with him watching that chick flick in his misery.
review 2: 4.5 stars. Ryan and Annabelle. Elle Kennedy takes the steamy up a notch in this fifth book in her Out of Uniform series about a group of Navy Seals in San Diego. Ryan has watched several teammates settle down, but he remains in play the field mode. A late night booty call takes a twist when he finds Annabelle in the bed instead of the upstairs neighbor he was expecting. Annabelle, just dumped by her fiance, has temporarily fled her high-bred family to reconsider her options. She eventually warms up to Ryan's offer of no strings fun. Lots of sexy in this one, including a threesome tryst with Ryan's roommate Matt. I like all these military guy characters, but Ryan is really well done. Adversity with her family and the ex-fiance comes into play for a little conflict, as well as a rich girl/poor guy vibe. Maybe my favorite couple from this series. less
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I thought I would love this story better, but it was a fun read afterall.
I love Annabelle and Ryan, and desperately wish this was longer!
That was fun, and sexy, and kinda sweet!
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