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Heat Of The Storm (2009)

by Elle Kennedy(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
1605046337 (ISBN13: 9781605046334)
Samhain Publishing
Out of Uniform
review 1: 4 for the Steam, the Male Hero, and the previous characters.Why do all of my Military Men Romance stories right now end up having a supernatural element? It's really amusing since I love Urban Fantasy.IN Urban Fantasy.Sigh. First Maya Banks, now this series. It rather annoyed me just because it felt out of place.The heroine Mac annoyed me as well because her reasons for not wanting to be with Will our hero was really flimsy. "Oh no, I can't be with him because he's my best friend and he's always been there for me!" - That gets really annoying, REALLY fast.I did like Will though. Man the boy has patience of a saint.
review 2: It is the story of Will and Mackenzie who are best friends for fifteen years. Will always wanted more, and though Mac feels the same, she
... moredoesn’t admit it even to herself, and she resists him because she is convinced that Will wouldn’t stand the difficulties that come with her accursed physic abilities. But Will is determined to prove her wrong, and “to teach her the meaning of tenacious.” Well, I’m getting tired of tall, superhot SEALs wanting a serious relationship with a woman, who doesn’t want it with them, because she had a bad experience, or she is scared, or cautious, and so on. Besides Mac’s worries about her abilities, the main problem is whether to cross the line from friendship to romance. Would you cross it for a hot SEAL? Duh. I would drop everything to throw myself into his arms. What the hell is wrong with all these female characters in this series, seriously? I was irritated by Mackenzie, her continuous tantrums and whining. I just can’t see, other than being incredible in bed, why on earth Will loves her. They have a fifteen-year-long past, but the reader still can’t feel the connection between them, still can’t see the reason for Will’s feelings for her. No laughter in this story, sadly. Oh, wait, there is, but only due to the appearance of Carson and Holly. Sadly, this story is just not for me. Okay, let’s move on... less
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Heat of the storm was short and sweet but oh so HOT! I loved it. I'm really liking this series.
Sexy men in uniform and sexy women to love them great series you cant stop reading
Didn't like this one as much- not one for 'visions'
Will and MackenzieRead 29th August 2012
Don't remember. Paid $2.18
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