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Take Me Home Tonight (2000)

by Elle Kennedy(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
Welcome to Paradise
review 1: I didn't realize when I read this book, it was part of a series, until I was almost done. Should read book 1, some spoilers in Book 2 if you didn't read book 1 first.Maddy has worked for Owen Bishop for three years and has been in love with him since day one. Owen owns the company that Maddy works for but considers her only a friend.One makeover later, and BAM sparks are flying.I definitely will read book 1 and the rest of the series to see how the rest of the HOT Bishop men turn out.
review 2: This one was a short sexy read and this time we had another Bishop brother Owen , who is involved in the construction business.Owen saw his father cheat on his mother again and again and when he felt that he too had that gene, started seeing women who knew the score.Madd
... moreie has been in love with her boss and best friend Owen for the past three years but he only sees her as a buddy and the tomboy she is, so when Nate's to be wife and Lexie make her get her a make-over and she sees Owen's tongue hanging out she is pleased.Owen can't believe what Maddie was hiding and he hates being attracted to her, she is his best friend and tries to sabotage her date and one night in the office these two get it on with Owen stopping at a crucial moment.Maddie is hurt and feels unwanted and thinks Owen stopped because of her inexperience so what does she do? She goes and asks Cooper for some help, at this point I was like huh? So, she goes and boinks another guy, really? I get it that she wasn't in a relationship with Owen and hence had no obligation to him but I normally don't read romances where things like these happen.Maddie then goes on to seduce Owen and things go great but Owen has a freak out moment but makes up nicely for it. And yeah he does find out about Cooper.The book was a lot better than the first one. less
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aaaw, I liked the dynamic between Maddie and Owen.
A little hotter, but still short and fun! :)
3.5 stars
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