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De Alchemist Van Venetië (2007)

by Elle Newmark(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
9022995089 (ISBN13: 9789022995082)
A. W. Bruna
review 1: I quite enjoyed this book,, and admired the author's style. In my journal from Tuesday, July 17, 2013, which was MEOW Date Monday July 16th, 12014 H.E., at 19:02, I wrote: "Wonderful how Ellen Newmark, in "The Book of Unholy Mischief" uses food as metaphor, teaching tool, and setting device (but I do differ with..." something I never had time to finish, and I no longer recall. I must read this book again.ShiraMEOW Date Friday, 20 April, 12014 H.E.
review 2: I was charmed by this book, a complex story full of intrigue, love, torture and murder.Luciano, a street orphan finds himself taken as apprentice by Amato Ferrero, master chef to the Doge.As he begins to learn the secrets of fine cooking he discovers that Amato holds a much more dangerous secret.The who
... morele of Venice is searching for a powerful book - some think it holds the key to immortality and some think it has the recipe to make gold. Only Amato knows the truth. This book is beautifully written involving you in the lush recipes and descriptions of the food that make your mouth water and 15th century Venice herself in all her glory and dark, dirty underside. Excellent less
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Brilliant! History and intrigue, food and Italy. Gripping.
Rather ridiculous, but I didn't hate it, I suppose.
This is why I read
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