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Three Weeks With Lady X (2014)

by Eloisa James(Favorite Author)
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0062223895 (ISBN13: 9780062223890)
Desperate Duchesses
review 1: Thorn, naturally a bastard son, has decided its time to get married. He's decided Laetitia Rainsford, a kind and beautiful woman who is perhaps not so smart. Concerned, Thorn's stepmother Eleanor, hires Lady Xenobia India St. Clair to help Thorn and his abode into tip top shape to woo both Laetitia and her overbearing, highly critical mother. India has built a successful career for herself in a time when that is not the norm but she's ready to hang up her designer gloves and settle down in marriage. Not that Thorn is an option, the nerve of that man! Funny, smart. I enjoyed a heroine in a regency romance that is independent and self-sufficient. No matter what the time period and the realities at hand-I hated that to be married and have children she had to give up her... more job.
review 2: The first half is fun and banter-filled... then a moppet shows up. Booo plot moppets, boo. Rose is six but sounds like she's 10 or 12 and while she's not on every page Rose-related stuff ends up being a good chunk of the plot.As other reviewers point out, a bunch of things don't make sense. I was able to suspend my disbelief in the beginning (especially throughout the awesome exchange of letters) but as the story drags on the discrepancies get worse. I may try out other books in the series, as this one delightfully felt like a stand-alone. less
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Historical romance - won this here on goodreads. Wonderful story. Nice light reading.
Great fun! I'll be reading (and recommending) many more of her books. Loved it!
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