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Seduced By A Pirate (2012)

by Eloisa James(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
0062259911 (ISBN13: 9780062259912)
Avon Impulse
review 1: This short story only took a couple of hours to read. I haven't read any other books in the series. As expected because it is a novella things happened quickly, a little too quickly really. It was fun though. I liked the character of Sir Griffin Barry, I could picture him in my mind...my idea of the perfect pirate. Lady Barry was well written but she forgave Griffin far too quickly. She should have made him sweat a little longer than she did. The children were adorable and the Epilogue finished the story nicely. If you are looking for a quick fun read then Seduced by a Pirate is wellworth reading.
review 2: what a sweet little novella by James. Because it was short we (the reader) got to skip a lot of the angst that would normally occur if your hubby was away
... more from you for FOURTEEN YEARS! This made me want to read the Ugly Duchess which I've been putting off because I'm not generally a fan of long separation books. Griffin (the Pirate aaarrgggg) comes home after 14 years away at sea. He was married to the 3 years older Phoebe at 17 and was so intimidated by the wedding night and her hottness that that he couldn't consummate the wedding. He leaves gets drunk and ends up being pressed into the navy and then becomes a pirate/privateer. Seduced by a Pirate is the long awaited reunion between the two. It was cute, fun and swoony. less
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It was cute and sweet and fluffy. Which is nice every now and then.
Entertaining, although I hadn't yet read The Ugly Duchess.
Lacked conflict. Good voice.
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