The Daylight War (89/100)- Peter V. Brett


When you hit the third book out of a series of five, you go in thinking that it’s just going to be filler and set everything up for the last two.  The Daylight War is the true exception to the rule.  We have so much action and development that this book stands out as a shining gem in the series.  In this book, we go back to find out the back story of Inevera. We get to see how she became the woman she is and also get to see more of her family.  Peter doesn’t spend quite as much time on Inevera as he did on Jardir which is nice since we’ve read all of these events three times now.  I do have to say that I hate having to see everything from each person’s perspective as I wanted to just hate these people for their actions without stopping to think of what their motivations and intentions were.

  • Concept: 9 Things are starting to get real.  The demons are getting smarter and stronger.  The politics and spread of Krasian customs is also large in this book.  Overall this is a great stepping stone for Peter.
  • Writing: 10 Peter does it again.  This book is great.  This is the best book in the series so far.  I can’t wait to see what The Skull Throne holds!
  • How long did it take to get into the book: 8 I expected to get another back story with this book and wasn’t disappointed.  Peter took less time with Inevera as he did with Jardir in the previous book and it was appreciated.
  • Character Development: 5 I really do not like where we are going with both Leesha and Renna. Renna is acting like a teenager in a cheap romance novel, but I’m hoping that she’ll grow in the next book.  Leesha is really letting me down as a character.  She is taking way too many pages out of her mother’s book and has taken a step back in forms of character development.  Arlen and Jardir are getting stronger and stronger and I can’t wait to see where they go next, but it’s hard to imagine that they have much more room to grow.
  • Plot: 8 We get to see more of the mind demons and what is going on behind the scenes from their perspective.  Rojer steals the show in this book as he finally takes control of his life and his powers.  Wonda is becoming a stronger and stronger character throughout the book and I’m excited to see how she develops.  Something is going to have to give next book with Jardir and Arlen.
  • Pacing: 9 While this book had the same style as the last with going through another characters back-story the action was spread throughout this in just the right way and everything just kept on flowing.  The book was too easy to get through as I couldn’t put it down and just flew right through it.  This is some of Peter’s best work yet!
  • Ending:  10 Who doesn’t love a good cliff hanger?  With everything coming to a head politically, this was such a great way to take us to the next book.  I can’t see where we pick up and who we pick up ;).
  • Cover Art: 10 Inevera throwing her dice seems to be a common theme in what drives so many people.  I think it’s only proper that we get to see her in action.  Not all heroes carry swords and shields.
  • World Building:  10 As the Krasians spread out as well as the demons, we get to see more and more of where people are coming from and what their motivations are.  Peter paints us such a beautiful picture from the Dama’ting training to the mind demons coming up from the core, I just can’t speak highly enough of it all.
  • Would I read other books by the Author:  10 How could I not jump right into The Skull Throne with an ending like this?
  • Follow-up Questions Spoilers Abound:

    I do not trust the dice.  I think there is something more sinister going on with them.  I really hope that Peter doesn’t just end it with a cop-out of “magic” as to how the dice work.    I am really hoping that the core is responsible for what the dice say and they lead everyone into a trap at the end.

    Where are we going with Renna?  She was supposed to be the one to keep Arlen grounded and she is just going down the same path as him.

    What else can Rojer do?  He seems to really come into his own in this book.

    As I am writing this blog post, my blogging buddy is cuddled up next to me, so I figured I’d share.

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