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Delicious Smoothie & Healthy Snack Recipes (2000)

by Ericka Smits(Favorite Author)
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review 1: A few interesting recipes that not all are healthy. First section is the strongest but the sections on snacks seemed weak, repetitive, and a lot like recipes most people have been making in their kitchen for decades. I expected this cookbook from its title to focus more on fresh fruits and vegetables. That may be my bias because I think those are healthier and it's what comes to mind when I read the word "nutritious". Lots of recipes call for prepared foods and things like chocolate syrup, candy, etc. Cream cheese on a veggie tortilla? Why? May be ideas for children's snacks but they're not necessarily nutritious. Telling somebody how to put fruit on a skewer or how to roll an ice cream cone in candy or chopped nuts don't really qualify as "recipes" to me unless you're t... moreeaching an eight-year-old some kitchen basics. That said, some of the recipes for smoothies are ones that I will try as there were a few combinations of fruit and vegetables in those recipes that I had not thought of previously. Smoothie part of this cookbook: good. The snacks section: A bit of fluff.
review 2: Starts with reasons to drink smoothies. They don't just taste good. My family tries to make them, but trial and error is not the best way to get the ratios right. Then there are separate sections of recipes for the following1) fruit smoothies2) vegetable smoothies3) drinks for kids 4) on the go snacks (includes energy bars)5) popcorn and snack mixes6) Party TreatsI've seen similar recipes on websites and in other books. However, Ms Smits has organized them nicely. Now, I don't have to hunt websites for ideas.Great book. less
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The recipes seem easy enough to try and healthy.
rating may go up as I try more recipes
Good resource to have on hand.
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