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Haunting Embrace (2011)

by Erin Quinn(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
0425243133 (ISBN13: 9780425243138)
Berkley Trade
Mists of Ireland
review 1: Ok, I read this as slowly as possible because I knew this would be the last book in the series and I will miss this one. I LOVED this book and this series! This book was not as good as the last one but it was still a wonderful read and ending all the same. I totally did not see the ending coming, and if you read the series you will be pleasantly surprised. I really try not to give too much away when I write a review and that makes it very hard to write. Erin Quinn have woven together a wonderful story filled with amazing and realistic characters set in Ireland. She has put Irish lore into her series and executed it wonderfully! This story is about a the youngest of the Bagllagh children, Megan Bagllagh. She has just come from the treacherous world of The Book of Fennore a... morend in her exit of that world from the last book, she has brought the prophetic "Dark Druid" out of the book with her. She does not know yet who the man is that she pulled out of the book and into the real world at first. All she knows is that he was a prisoner just as she was and he had helped her. So, this druid by the name of Aedan, has escaped the book where he has been cursed since the distant past. They both wake to find themselves in Megan's past, before she was born actually. Her family has been tied to this evil book for years. So she knows there is some reason that they both are on her home island of Fennore, Ireland. The thing is, she has no clue why. She has special abilities that are her own, as does her grandmother who finds Megan upon her arrival. Her grandmother Colleen, said she was told by a spirit to come to where she was. There are so many wonderful facets of this book that I find it impossible to go through everything and even begin to write a review that does this book and series justice. All of the books tie awesomely together from beginning to the end. It is a must read for those who love a good romance, mystery, time-travel, with supernatural and paranormal qualities in it. And lets not forget the magic that belongs to Ireland alone!
review 2: Erin Quinn does a fantastic job with the conclusion of this 4 book series. She weaves this intricate tale with each story and puts the final puzzle pieces in place with Haunting Embrace. While throughout the story she gives us some of the history of the White Fennore and the Brandubh – the Black Raven, you begin to understand that what unfolded millennia ago, is once again repeating. With the Brandubh being one of the main characters we get the story first hand behind what happened and with a new perspective of Meaghan to help him through his journey to be judged again. He is able to make choices that can change the fates of so many and profoundly affect the future. This book will have you on the edge of your seat, have your emotions in a jumbled turmoil and keep you up all night to find out what will happen in this conclusion. This is a great series of books and it’s a must to read all 4 books to get a complete understanding of how the tale unfolds. FANTSASTIC READ!! less
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3.5 - started out slow, but great ending
Review to come from Fresh Fiction :)
Forth coming.
loved it!
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