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Yes, I am back with another DIY , using one of my favorite plant’s SUCCULENTS! This DIY Terrarium is super easy to create and a great way to do just that. Plus, this natural element and pop of greenery can double as a great piece of decor in just about any room of the house!

  • Succulents
  • Rocks
  • Soil (we chose soil best for cacti + succulents)
  • Bowl (any shape, size, or style)
  • Gardening gloves
  • Drop Cloth (not necessary)

I love that this project can be individualized to fit your home’s decor and style. I chose a glass bowl from HomeGoods, but honestly, a terrarium can work in just about any bowl.

Because there’s not drainage in this bowl, it’s important to start the terrarium with a layer of rocks (which doubles as a natural drain of sorts.)

I used two small bags of rocks for this project, I found in the plant section at Lowe’s.


After the layer of rocks, add the layer of soil.



Working with the soil becomes a bit of a mess so I would suggest wearing gardening gloves during this project AND working outside on the grass or on a drop cloth.

After there was a healthy layer of soil, I arranged the succulents in a way I liked and started planting each one into the soil.

From start to finish the entire terrarium took less than 5 minutes to plant.
The hardest part was trying to make sure the succulents were surrounded by enough soil after I added them to the terrarium. I wanted them to settle into their new home with plenty of soil to support them. A few minutes later, I had this colorful terrarium and love the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of this mixture. I sprayed the succulents with some water and let the terrarium dry before bringing it inside to display.

Fast forward a few weeks and this mini terrarium is alive and thriving! Don’t forget to place next to a window so it has PLENTY of sun.

When you do notice the soil is dry, just give it a good soak and wait for it to dry out again.

Happy Planting ♥

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