This offer has an expiration date…

You see a commercial and you hear…. Are you ready to commit? Are you ready to change? Are you ready to give the most important thing you have in your life?

Well…..I have something out of this world to offer you. You will not get this deal any where else. Yes, there may be some who try to get you to believe their offer is the same, if not better, but it’s NOT! They may try to lure you away with special offers, treasures of this world, but those treasures can disappear as fast as they appeared. No matter how they try, not matter what they offer, don’t fall for their sales pitch.

Instead try what I are offering, a deal that one day will expire if you wait to late to accept it. When you commit to what we are offering, you receive a deal of a life time, it’s a deal that is out of this world and an offer you really don’t want to refuse.

The deal I am offering you today… to give your heart, the most valuable thing you have and without it you can not live, to the Lord and receive something awesome in return, spending an eternity with the Him in heaven.

Attention…….due to the One (JESUS) who gave His life for you, you are being offered this deal, but remember one day this offer will expire, then it will be to late.

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