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Adventures Of Superhero Girl (2013)

by Faith Erin Hicks(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
Dark Horse Comics
review 1: Superhero Girl is a hilarious take on the trials of being a super hero. This isn't your Peter Parker esque juggling of teen life and costumed drama. Hicks creates fun characters with a lot of heart and humor and still manages to tell intriguing stories in a single page strip format. A great introduction to a brilliant new creator/artist on the independent comic scene. Now when can I get a volume two?
review 2: Read this book because you love comics and superheroes. Or read it because it inverts tropes while being an awesomely fun story at the same time. Or read it because you haven't read anything by Faith Erin Hicks before and don't know that her stories are full of characters you wish you could hang out with and will read two, three, four, twenty times just s
... moreo you can get that feeling again. It's your choice, but like I already said: read this book. less
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A very entertaining read that was over far too soon. Faith Erin Hicks please write more!
A really cute, hilarious, and snarky superhero story! Very fun!
Loved the way it's illustrated. Also, this is hilarious.
Platform: Nook for iPad
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