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Brodmaw Bay (2012)

by F.G. Cottam(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
0340981008 (ISBN13: 9780340981009)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: I am somewhat ambivalent about this book. I really wanted to enjoy but it was very predictable. I also felt the pacing was off. It takes at least half the book before the family actually moves to Brodmaw Bay. After they arrive, everything seems to happen at warp speed. I could have also done with more development of the Brodmaw residents. To me, they seemed fairly stereotypical. On the bright side, I liked the author's depiction of Cornwall.
review 2: I loved Dark Echo, I adored The Waiting Room, I read House of Lost SOuls and am reliably informed that I loved that too, though it's too long ago to remember. So I waited for Brodmaw Bay to arrive in my local library with bated breath. But what a disappointment. I can only assume that the book was written eithe
... morer years ago at the start of Cottam's writing career and has been languishing in a drawer somewhere until recently, or he wrote it in a week. It was really quite awful, and the only reason I read it in its entirety is because I have alot of respect for Cottam's writing, and kept hoping it would improve. It didn't. Let's hope his next book sees him back on form, because when he writes well, he writes really well. less
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This was a lot like Wicker Man with a ghost added in. It was okay, but not his best....
Enjoyed reading this but wasn't sure about the psycological aspect. Any comments
Another book that puts pagans into a bad light.
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