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The Unforgotten Coat (2011)

by Frank Cottrell Boyce(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
1406333859 (ISBN13: 9781406333855)
Walker Books
review 1: I enjoyed this story. It was oddly weird, but in a really good way. Two brothers from Mongolia show up in Julie's class one day and she becomes their "good guide." The story is told as a reminiscence by Julie when she sees one of their coats in lost and found when she goes to visit her old school before its torn down. I really liked the way this was told--especially since we get to find out a little about them as adults at the end. I loved the author's explanation of where the story came from and hope their outcome is as favorable.
review 2: I love Boyce's work because his characters are so believable and unique. I listened to this story and Sarah Coomes really adds to the characters. Two Mongolian brothers show up at Julie's school and the older one, Genghis,
... morechooses her to be their "Good Guide", someone that the nomadic Mongolians traditionally seek when they are in an unfamiliar area. Julie's world, and that of her classmates, is suddenly expanded to include Mongolian culture and geography, while Genghis and his brother slowly become assimilated into English culture. As usual with Boyce's stories, the children deal with the world as they see it, while the adult reality might be quite different. less
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A lovely warm book written with a familiar style and tone, I'd like to have heard more.
Beautiful, but also incredibly sad story.
a really lovely story.
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