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Unforgotten Coat, The (2011)

by Frank Cottrell Boyce(Favorite Author)
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1455822264 (ISBN13: 9781455822263)
Candlewick on Brilliance Audio
review 1: A brilliant book that surprised by sucking me into it. I listened to the audiobook and I just love hearing the accents. Towards the end, I started to figure it out but was still wondering if the demon was real or not. Book talk: (show p. 12 pic of coat) If you saw this coat just hanging here, what kind of story do you think it would have? Where did it come from? Who left it? (take the time to hear what kinds of things they have to say) Frank Cottrell Boyce did exactly what you just did; this author wrote a story about this coat. One day two new boys show up in Julie's class, one of them wearing this coat. His name is Chingis and he says he is from Mongolia. His little brother, Nergui, refuses to leave his brother's side. The teacher tries to get Nergui to leave... more her class and go to his but Chingis says, "No." The teacher tries to get Nergui to take his hat off and Chingis says, "No." The teacher tries to get Nergui by his real name and agani Chingis says, "No." Julie and the rest of the class don't quite know what to make of these Mongolian immigrants but Julie soon becomes friends with them--and she's trying to puzzle out their mysterious behavior. WHY won't Nergui take off his hat? WHY won't they call him by his real name? WHY do they take a different route home everyday? Find out in The Unforgotten Coat.
review 2: This is a beautifully written, humorous and quirky story about acceptance, difference and friendship. Two Mongolian children who arrive in a school in Liverpool have a lasting influence on at least 2 of their classmates..... and all readers. The development of this story is very well executed and the final pages are very moving. A must read for those of us who constantly read and hear about refugees as 'problems' and a great way to raise discussion and awareness with our students. less
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Love, love, love. I found myself crying, while cooking.
Very quick read, but lovely story of friendship.
Loved this. Clever use of poloroids.
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2013 Jan, E410
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