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Fatal Lies (2008)

by Frank Tallis(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 4
0099471299 (ISBN13: 9780099471295)
Liebermann Papers
review 1: This may have the blandest title of the Liebermann Papers books so far, but it represents a leap forward in the author's plotting. The elegant styling and relevant themes of the previous books are here combined with a more ambitious, less outlandish, multi-stranded story. The themes involve jealousy and suspicion, and part of the story takes place at a creepy military school. There's also some further development of Rheinhardt's department, with his disagreeable colleagues, and a mysterious love interest for Liebermann. This volume makes me really look forward to the further books in this series--it's still not quite Alan Furst... but, four stars.
review 2: This mystery is the third in an excellent series set in early 20th century Vienna. Young psychoanalyst M
... moreax Liebermann is Freud's student, a talented musician, a middling fencer, a coffeehouse regular, and best friend of a police detective, Oskar Rheinhardt. The hub of culture, science, political ferment, 1903 Vienna is itself a character in these books. It is the stage on which the personal, intellectual, and historical intersect with well-plotted solutions to puzzling crimes. Each volume illuminates the origins of the horrors that will shake the world: here, clinical psychologist Tallis explores the roots of fascism in schoolboy bullying. less
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Please see my review of A Death in Vienna by the same author. It covers all books in this series.
I read this on my Kindle & it was fabulous! Great story, suspense, and very engaging!
Perhaps my favorite Liebermann papers book. Religious and psychological issues.
I liked this book. I'll read more by this author.
Mystified as to Pergel's whereabouts
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