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Les Mensonges De L'esprit (2008)

by Frank Tallis(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
2264042788 (ISBN13: 9782264042781)
Liebermann Papers
review 1: Opened the book and saw the name Lieberman, put down the book....hate that name for some reason! Then, out of things to read I pick it up, skipping the name, and what a slick book. Found it to be a well written, with a lots of twists. The story was vivid and doesn't hurt it's written by the subject matter expert either, enjoyed it a lot. A slick book! However, when I read pages 356-359, where the sommer character starts talking/explaining got lost. I had to read that part few times and still couldn't understand it! Maybe someone will do me a favor and explain it to me.The ending left me unsatisfied, with lots of questions unanswered! but overall, a great book to read.
review 2: Another (#3 ) in the Liberman Papers series, of which I have learned that there are
... more 6. This all are set in the last days of Imperial Vienna which is coming to a close. the arts, the military ideals, the sciences, and very set patterns of life are very strongly a part of the fabric. This one concentrates on the military academies, considered ideal schooling for young man who are set to go places by many people of the time. But brutality also exists, and the detective is sent to investigate what becomes obvious was a murder. The author bases the setting on research of one that existed at that time. Relations between Hungary and Vienna are not all that peaceful and friendly either and some espionage is also a sub plot. And Dr. Lieberman's relationship with two women take their place in the story. Very interesting book. less
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Book 3 of the Liebermann files with Inspector Rheinhardt in turn of the 20th century Vienna.
I'd really give it more like 2.5. Too much romance, melodrama and coincidence!
A good mystery. With the tragedies that happen when telling lies.
Bought at Half Price Books on 6/4/2011
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