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Empty Fridge (2012)

by Gaetan Dorémus(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
0987109936 (ISBN13: 9780987109934)
Wilkins Farago
review 1: What a wonderful, inspiring book! This book shows us what everyone needs to do. We need socialization. I really think that is one of today's societies scariest problems is that we don't know how to live together and interact. This book shows us the way. While I find it implausible that all the people in all the surrounding buildings would have also forgotten to go shopping I think the sentiments are definitely worth sharing with everyone.
review 2: In an updated version of the Stone Soup tale, the various inhabitants of the apartment building have only an item or two in the fridges, but together, they have enough to make supper. And, because they are French, they make something delicious.I enjoyed the diverse inhabitants and the warmth of their interaction. I n
... moreever found city life to be particularly alienating, but this does make for a good story. The odd format of the book plays up the height of the building, and the detailed line drawings are amusing and unpretentious.Library copy less
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I am in love with this modern day Stone Soup style book. Love the illustrations also.
This is what picture books should be.
Kind of like a French Stone Soup.
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