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Deadly Appearances (1990)

by Gail Bowen(Favorite Author)
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1926910907 (ISBN13: 9781926910901)
Post Hypnotic Press Inc.
A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery
review 1: I won this audiobook from Goodreads first-reads. I do know know the author. All opinions all strictly my own.MY REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!I LOVE to listen to books in my car as I drive, so I was very excited when I won this one. It's a new series to me even though it was written in the 1990's. It was different because it was set in Regina in Canada. It was about politics in which I'm not familiar enough with them in the US, but I was completely lost about the way they work in Canada. Thank goodness the whole story wasn't just political. A short synopsis of the story is that the main character, JoAnne Kilbourn, is a widowed mother of three. She works for Andy Boychuk who is a leader in some kind of political party in Canada. He is murdered in the beginning and she se... morets out to find the killer. Deaths start happening around her. Andy's wife, Eve is arrested for the murder of her husband and another man, Soren Imes (may have the spelling wrong on his name since I listened to the book instead of reading it) who was found to be Andy's lover. Jo 100% believes that Eve is innocent. When she sets out to try and prove it, she becomes very ill herself. She had gotten to a similar state after her husband died, so everyone around her, including her children, friends, and doctors believed that it was a stress related "all in her head" kind of illness. Even her "boyfriend" was telling her she needed rest to the point it made her extremely mad. She does find out who the killer was of Andy, Soren, who tried to frame & get Eve to commit suicide, and who attempted to kill her.Although, there are a few twists & turns in the book, I figured out who the killer was about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through. I believe the author's intention was to spring it on the reader in the end, but it didn't quite work out that way for me, but I still enjoyed the book. I would also like to continue with the series to see where Jo goes next!
review 2: This is a new series for me, although this first book was written in 1990. The setting is central Canada, and the story features a woman who is a mother of three, a widow, and very involved in the local political struggles in her area. The murder of the candidate she is working for starts the mystery, and even though the outcomes are fairly predictable, I couldn't put this one down. It is well written and the characters are interesting. I look forward to the next. less
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This was my first read of a Gail Bowen book and I really enjoyed it.
Really enjoyed. Much more involved than a cozy mystery.
Canadian author. Predictable but well written
Great, easy read
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