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Whack 'N' Roll (2009)

by Gail Oust(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 2
0451227697 (ISBN13: 9780451227690)
Kate McCall
review 1: This is an enjoyable cozy mystery with a lively, active 60+ heroine, Kate, who defies the label of little old lady as she sets out with her Tools of the Trade detective kit to solve the disappearance of several of her friends and the murder of the body that belongs to the arm she uncovered on the golf course. She is aided by her fellow Bunco Babes. Kate is a combination clever and incurably naïve amateur sleuth, but this adds to the fun of the book.
review 2: The first book in a series about an "older" widow, Kate McCall, who lives in a retirement community in South Carolina who find a dismembered arm on the golf course as she and her friends are playing golf. And so starts the figuring out of who the arm belongs to and who was the killer. Kate has 3 friends
... morewho are 'missing' and she and her friends try to locate where they are and if they are OK, one of them is not!!And is the killer the new man in her life??? This is a low key mystery with no language or gory scenes. The only negative it took a little too long to wrap up. less
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★★★★½ Great book. I didn't want it to end. Luckily, there are more in the series.
This one felt like an annoying woman interfering in police business
Not very exciting. An old version of Nancy Drew I guess.
I don't recommend this series.
A fun "cozy".
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