In seminar today we were visited by guest lecturer Owain Jones from http://www.Hydrocitizenship.com. Jones discussed what the organisation has been doing in trying to raise awareness for waterway protection in the Bristol area.  Below is a video of one of their campaign videos:

The campaign’s website is full of useful information about protecting the waterways, and links to Memory of Water in a big way. In the novel, Noria’s father is caught by the military for getting fresh water from a secret spring, something that is illegal, as the military discover that his tea tastes far too fresh to be made from water from the pipes. The idea of fresh and clean water was a huge topic of conversation today. Jones amplified the need for people to be cautious of what they are polluting the waterways with, talking about how flushing anything down the toilet that doesn’t come under the “3 Ps” (Paper, Pee, Poo) is greatly damaging. Jones continued to talk about how medication is a huge polluter of our water supplies and has been known to cause mutations in different aquatic creatures.

Similarly, Jones discussed water in literature, and the importance of books such as Memory of Water in raising awareness of waterway protection. It seemed that for Jones he would relate most with Noria, a person who seeks to defend the waterways, Jones also alluded to the fact he believed water should not belong to any individual or company indicating nationalisation of water, something that I felt Noria would have supported after reading the novel.



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