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Constable & Toop (2013)

by Gareth P. Jones(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
1419707825 (ISBN13: 9781419707827)
Amulet Books
review 1: I thought this book had a very interesting premise but I don't the writer did much with it. All the characters seemed a little boring, and the plot overall was too small-time and slow-paced for my taste. This book was fairly well-written but it really was too long. By the end, I wasn't particularly interested in anything that was going on or how things would resolve themselves.Definitely not my favorite Gareth P. Jones book.
review 2: This is the only work I have read by Gareth Jones but I hope it will not remain so. I read it in a pretty short space of time and was totally blown away at such a complex plot with a multitude of characters involving me so quickly. Although this is a ghost story it also has mystery, murder and historical romance thrown in - in fac
... moret, you might say it has something to interest almost everyone. Constable and Toop is a firm of undertakers in London. Sam Toop, who is a Talker(he has the ability to see and talk to ghosts), is the son of one of the undertakers and is sucked into a disturbing conspiracy which is causing ghosts to disappear leaving behind an evil force (the Black Rot) which infects the buildings the ghosts vacate. Meanwhile Lapsewood, an inoffensive though plodding sort of ghost who works for the Ghost Bureau as an administrator, suddenly finds himself pushed out of his cosy desk job and onto the streets of London to find a colleague who has gone missing. He quickly becomes concerned at the appearance of the Black Rot and ellicits the help of Tanner, a rogue ghost boy with a pack of ghost dogs, to discover the cause of the malignancy before it gets completely out of control. Jones has created a masterful plot here which has the reader desperate to know what will become of the main characters be they living or dead and the comedy element woven into the story as well as in the "reviews" preceeding it are pure genius. Love it!!! less
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What a charming book, and a gorgeous cover to boot.
good book, couldn't stop reading it
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