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Empire Of Light (2010)

by Gary Gibson(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
0230706819 (ISBN13: 9780230706811)
The Shoal Sequence
review 1: Great finish of the series, when everything is revealed and new battles are fought. What I find extraordinary about this series is how Gibson sets the stage for the introduction of alien species and how believable they are. Even if it's the fish-like Shoal, the bat-like Bandati or the machine minds of the Magi ships, they are consistent and the fact that we can imagine them does not take away any of the strangeness or alienness they possess. More impressive is the ending, when Dakota, the frail, scared new human gets a voice in the affairs of the Galaxy.
review 2: I've enjoyed this trilogy - a great epic space opera with loads of alien tech, action and well written characters - but, unfortunately, this final part lost some pace and depth for me. All the colourf
... moreul villains, ships and political intrigues got left behind (literally) as the core characters went off in search of the Big Weapon; and the journey just lasted way too long I'm afraid. I'd still recommend the series, but only as a fun slice of scifi escapism. less
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Well, it was better than the 2nd of the series ... but still ludicrously improbable.
Got fed up with this series, I suspect the author was also pretty fed up by book 3.
Ok book. Ending in a way anticlimactic.
ending was a bit weak...
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