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Claus Of Death (2013)

by Gayle Trent(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 3
Gayle Trent
Myrtle Crumb
review 1: This was a nice little mystery story. I was a little annoyed at first by the writing style. The book is written in some sort of dialect, maybe Southern? There was a little too many folksy sayings, and odd ways of pronouncing words. It took a while to get used to.The mystery itself was entertaining to read. Although there was a murder in the beginning of the book, the book itself did not seem violent to me. It had more of a light hearted feel. Yes, it is easy to guess who the bad guys are, but I don't thing the author made any real attempt to hide their identities. It is still a fun read.
review 2: Claus of Death by Gayle Trent was a fun quick read especially at Christmastime. The mall Santa is found dead - Would Santa really kill himself in front of the childr
... moreen or is there something more sinister going on at this mall? The main character, Myrtle Crumb, reminded me a bit of my mother-in-law (if my mother-in-law had a driver's license that is). They both are great cooks, enjoy The Young and the Restless, and love to solve a good mystery! Join Myrtle Crumb as she investigates the Clause of Death! less
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A cute folksy cozy mystery type for the holidays. Fast, easy read.
Myrtle crumb is my favorite character hands down of Gayle Trent
Just a fun Christmas read. I enjoyed it.
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