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Sinfandel (2012)

by Gina Cresse(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
1475157304 (ISBN13: 9781475157307)
review 1: This was an okay crime story, after a lot of suspense it ended pretty quickly once you found out who dunnit, and several questions were never answered about earlier characters in the book and their part in it. I want sure if there was supposed to be a romance between Andy and Kate, if there was it want much to write about and just confused the issue. Idea behind the story was good and it was an okay read.
review 2: For a self-published novel, I have to say I was impressed. This was exactly was I was expecting--a nice, light cozy full of wine (there were even bonus amusing animals). The ending was a bit rushed, but it was an easy read perfect for a bit of escapism. This is one of the few self-published books I think I'd recommend...and it would probably make
... more a fun gift with a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate. less
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was better than I expected it to be since it was a freebie. I got through Pixel of Ink.
Kindle freebie. I enjoyed it well enough, but the end was rather rushed.
Kindle freebie. Cute story.
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