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A Single Kiss (2000)

by Grace Burrowes(Favorite Author)
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140227890X (ISBN13: 9781402278907)
Sweetest Kisses
review 1: As reviewed for Smitten by BooksHannah Stark's financial situation is precarious. She thinks her problems have been solved when she's offered a job at the Knightley Brothers' Law Firm, but to her dismay, she finds she'll have to spend six months working in Family Law before she can move to her specialty, which is corporate. Since she has a daughter to support, Hannah accepts the job, but with dread and a churning stomach. Hannah is very familiar with Family Law from her own childhood, and the experience was not good. Trenton Knightley runs the Family Law department in his family owned firm. Though his initial meeting with Hannah is shaky, due to some erroneous conclusions she makes, he is soon impressed with her work. Before long, Trent finds himself becoming impresse... mored with Hannah as a woman, as well as a lawyer. He realizes that he's her boss, and he doesn't want create any type of hostile work situation, but his feelings are very strong, and he wants to pursue a relationship. Hannah is very skittish, and rebuffs his attempts to get close to her. In addition to that, Hannah is literally becoming ill over her job duties, though she soldiers on.Hannah and Trent are both sympathetic characters, and I liked them very much. While Trent was in a position of power, he never used that as leverage. He can see that Hannah has been through an experience that has left her leery of any relationship. He doesn't give up, but he takes things very slowly, letting her get to know him, and find out what type of person he is. I admire that he went through a bad marriage and divorce without becoming bitter or vindictive. I had to cheer Hannah's strength in being able to handle her aversion to the cases she was assigned - I could feel her fear and dread. It was wonderful to see Trent's patience finally winning her over, little by little, and to see her fears of intimacy fade.I always enjoy seeing the good guys finish first. Hannah and Trent both have had some bad experiences in their pasts. They are dedicated parents, and their daughters forming a fast friendship was a nice touch. The story did contain some drama, in the person of a vindictive and jealous co-worker who was intent on destroying Hannah, and there were also some twists about Hannah's mysterious past. I found the resolution very satisfying. Grace Burrowes has departed from a long line of historical romances to venture into the contemporary field. This book has all the warmth and character depth that she is known for, and it worked for me. I recommend this heartwarming story for her historical fans, as well as for readers of contemporary romance.
review 2: Setting: Small town Maryland present dayGenre: romanceHannah Stark is a single mother who is also a no-nonsense attorney. She is hired by Hartman and Whitney, a successful firm, for the corporate division. However, there is a more pressing need in domestic relations. They ask her to substitute in that department for six months, until the associate who usually work there comes back from a complicated maternity leave. She really, really hates domestic cases, but she agrees. Trent Knightly is the head of the department and promises to mentor her closely as well as assign her to shadow a successful associate. But, due to events essential to the plotline, she gets thrown under the bus. As her time in the department passes, an attraction between Hannah and Trent begins.This book is very engaging, with an interesting plot and likeable characters. The setting, Damson Valley, a fictional town in the Maryland section of the Appalachian mountains, is also the setting for other stories in the Sweetest Kisses series I'm looking forward to reading. This one contains some smiles as well as angst. The secondary characters are well realized, and even the tertiary characters add a bit more texture to the background. I started this book a little warily. Grace Burrowes is in my top-ten favorite authors list and I have read most of what she has written, but some writers don't comfortably cross sub-genre lines. She, however, is very adept. I enjoyed this book as much, or more than, her Regency era books (though for setting - Victorian era Scotland, and characters - those sigh-worthy kilted men, her MacGregors Series is my favorite). I'm picky about the time I take to read a book, and this one is totally worth spending that precious commodity. less
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Loved every minute of it and I hate contemporary romances. Thank you Julie for your enticing review!
Angsty, absorbing, not always totally plausible, but still so good. Reviewed for Romance at Random.
I'll just read one chapter turned into up all night and finished it.
review to follow
Wonderful story.
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