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La Liste De Mes Envies (2012)

by Grégoire Delacourt(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 5
2709638185 (ISBN13: 9782709638180)
JC Lattès
review 1: This book was quite an easy, enjoyable read but don't let that fool you - hidden in the story are some deep questions about love, money, family and life in general. We've all dreamed of winning the lottery - especially in our modern day society which encourages us to value fame, beauty, status etc. and to always be coveting the next best thing, be that a bigger house, a better car, more luxurious holidays, a new partner - the list could go on. Jocelyne is a beautiful soul who, unlike many, is quite content with her imperfect life, and then she wins it big, and her newly acquired fears about suddenly being in possession of such a large fortune end up proving rather ominous...
review 2: Jocelyne is married, has two children and runs a fabric shop in a small town
... morein France. Although she doesn't have a lot of money, she feels that her life is good and is amused when her friends always play the lottery. One day, they encourage her to buy and ticket and she wins millions of dollars. She is afraid to claim the money or tell anyone because she doesn't want her life to change. Eventually, she does claim the money and her life changes in more ways than she could have imagined. less
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ان يكتب رجل مشاعر امرأة بهذه العذوبة !! انه لمدهش
this is "my wish list". really enjoyed it. woman in France wins lottery.....
lovely story that makes you wonder about ones's choices in life.
Read the Penguin Books edition titled My Wish List
Good, but very sad.
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