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The Book Of Murder (2007)

by Guillermo Martínez(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 2
0670019941 (ISBN13: 9780670019946)
Viking Adult
review 1: Alcuni temi - la casualità, il rapporto tra giustizia e castigo, la potenza evocatrice della letteratura - sono esplicitamente borgesiani. Però Martìnez non è, evidentemente, Borges e quello che resta alla fine è la sensazione di aver letto una storia totalmente irreale, senza capo nè coda. Peccato, perchè certe atmosfere platensi delle prime pagine mi avevano ricordato un libro argentino misconosciuto e molto amato, "Gli ultimi giorni della vittima" di Josè Pablo Feinmann
review 2: A few years ago, I read the mathematics-tinged The Oxford Murders by the Argentinian writer Guillermo Martinez, and found that somewhat irritating in its insistence of mysticism around logic and set theory. The writer now comes up with an even more fantastic tale in The Book
... more of Murder, in which, it appears, characters are killed by a mad author and nobody is able to establish that fact. The narrator is approached by a distraught Luciana, a secretary who had briefly worked with him a decade earlier, who accuses the far more famous novelist Kloster of systematically killing off her family in revenge for her own actions that (in Kloster's mind) resulted in his abandonment by his wife and in the death of his daughter. Luciana used to be a beauty but now she is deformed by her paranoia and anguish, and the narrator - a somewhat less successful author himself - finds it difficult to believe her. Still, some vestiges of loyalty to her lead him to accost Kloster who dismisses him brusquely. Inflamed, the narrator decides to put down Luciana's story in the form a novel and threatens Kloster with its publication unless he agrees to reveal his involvement. At this point, Martinez appears to lose the plot and introduces a peculiar agent who is supposed to have committed gross crimes in the town. Suddenly, the book we are reading and the book the narrator is writing become aspects of a single unifying theme; exactly what that theme is I am unable to determine, and just like so many books with interesting premises, this one also meanders into opaqueness and stultification. Read it if you must. less
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Muy atrapante en la primera parte sobretodo. De lectura muy simple, es bueno para pasar el rato.
Recommended in the book, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My year of Magical Reading.
Grandiose ineinander geschachtelte spannende Geschichte!
Estaa supeer interesaaanteee
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