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The World House (2010)

by Guy Adams(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 3
0007345046 (ISBN13: 9780007345045)
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The World House
review 1: The creativity and writing pushed it to a 3. A roller coaster of surrealistic events and quirky humor, I felt The World House unfortunately fell extremely short in terms of plot. And in terms of having a point, really. The last 60 pages were by far the most important but even those 60 pages were not wrapped up. I know there's a sequel, but considering this 400 page book could have been broken down to 200 and all the time paradoxes better executed, I think a new 200 pages could have been replaced with much more useful/helpful scenes. So while a fantastic idea in itself, I think a lot of the book was a plot device to get to the last 60 pages.
review 2: I absolutely loved this book. I loved how the chapters jumped from main characters' stories to almost a short st
... moreory of sorts in between, but it kept the plot moving forward. I loved the array of characters, and the imagination involved in even CREATING this universe the characters are currently stuck in. Awesomely enough, I was just browsing the new release shelves for something that caught my eye, and randomly picked this book up having heard nothing about it. Unaware that it was going to be a series, I reached the end of this book and bought the second installment the exact day it was released. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Amazing. less
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strange and wonderful. I liked it.
Best novel I've read in ages!
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