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The Army Of Dr. Moreau (2012)

by Guy Adams(Favorite Author)
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0857689339 (ISBN13: 9780857689337)
Titan Books
review 1: This book was really good! It was strange that half-way through the author changed gear and had the story being told from several different characters' view. At the beginning the story was told through Watson's point of view. This story's background has to do with the H.G. Wells' novel, "The Island of Doctor Moreau. The villain in this story had worked with Moreau and knew his fascination with vivisectioning human and animal parts. He wants to create such an army so he can take over mankind and the world. Holmes seems rather bored with this mystery, since he mentions that he does not really need to use his powers of deduction very much. The great detective and the wacky scientist match wits, but the scientist destroys himself in the end, and Holmes lives to see anot... moreher mystery solved!
review 2: A very enjoyable mash up/pastiche of Sherlock Holmes and other Conan Doyle, and Welles characters. It was imaginative and fun if not as much to my taste as the previous book by Adams "The Breath of God" but that maybe that my bias runs more to 19th early 20th century supernatural fiction rather than the mad-science of the same period. I recommend this for those who like their Holmes with a dash of the untraditional added. Now if Adams would only tackle that damn giant rat of Sumatra, I think the world is finally ready... less
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This was really not my type of book and I can't say that I loved the story but it was well written.
Fun read. I really like the style of this series, though I wish the books were longer.
Review written-will post after it is published at Hearts on Fire Reviews
Shades of Frankenstein, but like vivisection, a poor facsimile.
popcorn summer read. title says it all.
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