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Britten And Brülightly (2008)

by Hannah Berry(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
0224077902 (ISBN13: 9780224077903)
Jonathan Cape
review 1: By the bottom of page 1, I was kind of in love with Fernández Britten. By the middle of Page 4 (Marvin whiting out the magazines!), I was kind of in love with Hannah Berry and knew I would gladly follow wherever this book would lead. This is an amazing book, combining gorgeous artwork with the sort of gritty noir plot I've always loved, with just enough twists to keep me guessing, but always clear enough that I never felt completely lost. Britten himself is simply a weary, jaded delight, and despite the seemingly definitive place he's left at in the end, I (not-so) secretly hope Berry might return to him someday. I know I will be returning to this book over and over.
review 2: Beautifully drawn and pitched. The panels are wonderfully evocative of noirishness.
... moreThe morbid darkness oozes out of every page. But...unfortunately I found the plot obscure and hard to follow. There were more convolutions than seemed necessary for my shallow mind.Some pages, nonetheless, are drop dead great stuff. The storyboarded interludes are perfectly presented. TRo get the plot I guess I'll have to read it again. All 128 pages. less
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Who would've thought a teabag sidekick would be such a good idea?!? Thanks for the rec, Mark!
Film noir private eye novel. Decent illustrations and story, but not amazing.
Convoluted plot. Bleak, not especially compelling art. Good ending, though.
Very good - interesting graphics and story and the presentation mix!
A convoluted plot, an unlikable protagonist, and a talking teabag...
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